Our Winter Social Media Photo Winners

Julia Crowley winter photo winner

Congratulations to Julia Crowley (a.k.a. “Wine Julia”) in Eugene, OR! We loved the simple elegance of her #nisseandhygge photo and decided to award her the first prize for our “show us your hygge” photo contest!

Julia received a copy of Chef Gunnar Karl Gíslason’s book “The Hygge Life: Embracing the Nordic Art of Coziness Through Recipes, Entertaining, Decorating, Simple Rituals, and Family Traditions”.  During our regular January business travels to NYC, we have been very lucky to do a few hygge themed dinners at Chef Gíslason’s celebrated Nordic restaurant Agern located in @grandcentralstationnyc – we are huge fans of his food and he is an exceptional person! Happy to send Julia a copy of his gorgeous book!

Congratulations to Scott Anderson in Minneapolis, MN!  We loved the rugged winter hardiness of your #nisseandhygge photo out to dinner around a campfire on a frozen lake – as only a Minnesotan can do!  This is #hygge at its best – in harmony with nature, even when the world around you is frozen!!

Scott received a hygge themed flask to help keep him warm in the remaining winter months in the great northernmost state outside of Alaska!


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