Camp Fire Season is Coming!


Summertime to Nordic people means bonfires!  Here in the Pacific Northwest, we can’t get enough of summertime outdoor fires – campfires, fire pits, bonfires – it’s all about the people you sit down with – then share food and drink, tell stories, listen to music, star gaze…

We hope to see summer outdoor fire gatherings with Nisse + Hygge in the picture.  Literally.  Send us your visual response to “how do you hygge year round?” with a cozy outdoor photo with our whimsical bottle in tow.

We’ll be hosting a couple of Nisse + Hygge campfire/fire pit/bonfire events this summer – stay tuned!

We take wildfire prevention seriously and like to remind everyone to engage in safe practices when enjoying outdoor contained fires.

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Nisse + Hygge Spring Mischief

Nisse + Hygge is a wine about coziness. It was made to carry you through the dark, cold winter. And it’s perfect for gardening, camping, hanging out around the backyard fire pit… How do you hygge year round?  Even with the longest days in summer, Nordic people get all hygge for Midsomer with serious bonfires!  Keep the Nisse (gnome) spirit alive! $16 a bottle – order a case and let the magic of longer days and nights in the outdoors begin!

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Our Winter Social Media Photo Winners

Julia Crowley winter photo winner

Congratulations to Julia Crowley (a.k.a. “Wine Julia”) in Eugene, OR! We loved the simple elegance of her #nisseandhygge photo and decided to award her the first prize for our “show us your hygge” photo contest!

Julia received a copy of Chef Gunnar Karl Gíslason’s book “The Hygge Life: Embracing the Nordic Art of Coziness Through Recipes, Entertaining, Decorating, Simple Rituals, and Family Traditions”.  During our regular January business travels to NYC, we have been very lucky to do a few hygge themed dinners at Chef Gíslason’s celebrated Nordic restaurant Agern located in @grandcentralstationnyc – we are huge fans of his food and he is an exceptional person! Happy to send Julia a copy of his gorgeous book!

Congratulations to Scott Anderson in Minneapolis, MN!  We loved the rugged winter hardiness of your #nisseandhygge photo out to dinner around a campfire on a frozen lake – as only a Minnesotan can do!  This is #hygge at its best – in harmony with nature, even when the world around you is frozen!!

Scott received a hygge themed flask to help keep him warm in the remaining winter months in the great northernmost state outside of Alaska!


Seasonal Wine for All Winter

Santa Claus puppet on skis, wood wool
Nisse + Hygge is not just a holiday wine.  Oregon’s first seasonal winter wine is meant for warmth and coziness all winter long!  Hygge is the Danish art of coziness and here in the Pacific Northwest there’s plenty of time well into the New Year to get your hygge on.  This is the perfect wine to pair with comfort foods, to sip by the fire, to pack in your backpack while Nordic skiing, to bring to the cabin after snowshoeing and snowboarding.  So, if you’re inclined to chop wood in the forest or go for a steam and sauna spa outing, you are in the spirit of Nisse + Hygge.  Get hygge wid it all winter long!

Share your hygge with us this winter!


Post pictures on Instagram and Facebook with the hashtag #nisseandhygge showing us where you’re getting cozy with our cozy gnome wine! We want to see your bottle of N+H by the fireplace or bonfire, under the stars, at the table, in a cabin, in your bag as you snowshoe, in a winter wonderland, at a wine bar…show us your cozy!

We’ll pick a winner on December 31, January 31, and February 28 to receive a special prize!


NEWS! The Oregonian


December 5, 2018

“10 gift ideas to dazzle the wine lover in your life”

by Michael Alberty

“The Scandinavians have perfected the art of slowing down to enjoy the simpler pleasures of winter, and they call the practice “hygge.” Now you can curl up on the sofa, grab a good book and get hygge with this new seasonal wine from Leah Jørgensen Cellars: the 2017 Nisse + Hygge ($16).”



NEWS! Oregon Wine Press


December 1, 2018

“The Changeup:  Gettin’ Hygge with It:  Gnomes, fire and wine unite to spread holiday cheer” 

by Michael Alberty

“The frenzy of the holidays can send you to that last nerve faster than an airplane filled with screaming babies. But, fear not, there is a remedy: hygge, the Scandinavian art of slowing down to smell the cocoa. To aid in achieving “total hygge,” Leah Jorgensen Jean recently released her 2017 Nisse + Hygge Red Table Wine ($16). Trust me, it is much more fun than cocoa…”