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What is Natural Wine?

Natural Wine is a difficult thing to pin down because it means different things to different winemakers.  It is not currently a structured concept with any specific requirements, restrictions, or regulations.  That said, our wine was produced with minimal intervention, including no additives, except for a micro dose of Sulphur, to best showcase the true nature of the vintage and vineyard sources.

Natural wines are sensitive.  Keep in mind there is bottle variation with true natural wines and Nisse + Hygge is no different.  You will find some bottles with more pettiance, or a hint of effervescence, and some bottles will taste gritty in texture, while others may have a sour component – think of sour beers.  This is part of the fun of natural wine – one of the fastest growing categories in wine and popular with sommeliers and trendy wine shops across the globe.

They are best stored in a temperature controlled cellar (your fridge will suffice!).  Keep away from all light sources – even LEDs and fluorescents.

The 2017 Vintage

It was hot, there were wildfires and smoke drift all over Oregon, and luckily the smoke did not occupy the atmosphere during the most vulnerable time on the vine.  There are pleasant hints of smoke in our wine without succumbing to smoke taint flaws.  Global warming is certainly changing the landscape of the west coast with increased risk for wildfires.  While this may be the new norm, Oregon winegrowers and winemakers continue to mitigate smoke in the most vulnerable areas and use sustainable practices to protect grapes.

2017 Oregon Red Table Wine

This wine is comprised of Gamay Noir, Cabernet Franc and Malbec grapes grown in Oregon.  This is a whimsical medley of a wine!  The grapes were harvested by hand and were sorted and destemmed separately.  Spontaneous fermentation was started by yeasts coming in from the vineyards and already in the winery – so, we can’t say it’s non-commercial – but, we didn’t add anything.  The wine was aged in stainless steel barrels and neutral French oak barrels before it was blended and bottled.



Help Wildfire Prevention

A portion of the sales of this wine will be donated to woodland restoration, protecting Oregon’s treasured forests, along with providing wildfire prevention and education.



Oregon State Parks Sign. Oregon State Parks sign in a park area of northern Oregon, United States.